Pile CPT – Verification of piles based on CPTs ( 65.00 Bytes )

The program verifies the bearing capacity and settlement of either an isolated pile or a group of piles based on the results provided by static penetration tests (CPT)

Main features

  • Analysis of the end-bearing capacity and frictional resistance of piles using the following standards and methods:
    • EN 1997-3
    • NEN 6743
    • LCPC (Bustamante)
    • Schmertmann
  • Circular or rectangular pile cross-section (with the option of base enlargement)
  • Takes account of pile and installation technology
  • Automatic calculation of adjusted bearing capacity and skin friction coefficients depending on the selected analysis method
  • Loading due to normal force and surcharge
  • Built-in database of soils
  • General layered subsoil
  • Import CPT tests in TXT format, gINT format or NEN standard
  • Verification based on the theory of limit states or factor of safety
  • Calculation of the limit load curve and pile settlement for a given loading
  • Accounts for negative skin friction
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