Sheeting Check – Analysis of pile sheeting (dependent pressures) ( 65.00 Bytes )

The program is for the analysis of sheeting structures (anchored, strutted and non-anchored structures) by the method of dependent pressures i.e. the magnitude of pressures acting upon a structure depend on deformation.

The actual solution is provided by the FEM. New features include the accurate modelling of structural behavior during construction, determination of the displacement field, the internal forces in the structure and the post-tensioning of anchors. The program input is straight-forward and similar to traditional methods for pile walls, braced sheeting, sheet piles, etc.).

Main features

  • Generally layered soil environment
  • Built-in database of soil parameters
  • Arbitrary number of surcharges applied to structures (strip, trapezoidal, concentrated load)
  • Modelling of water in front of and behind structures, modelling of artesian water
  • Arbitrary number of anchors
  • Analysis according to the theory limit states and safety factor
  • Verification of internal stability of anchors
  • Various methods for the evaluation of the modulus of subsoil reaction (Schitt, Ménard, Chadeisson)
  • EN 1997 – option to choose partial factors based on National Annexes
  • EN 1997 – option to choose all design approaches, consider design situations
  • Supports non-linear modulus of subsoil reaction
  • General shape of terrain behind the structure
  • Berms in front of the structure
  • Earthquake effects (Mononobe-Okabe, Arrango)
  • Analysis of earth pressures in effective and total parameters
  • Struts and springs can be defined
  • Envelope of internal forces for individual construction stages
  • The structure can be loaded by specified forces and moments
  • Verification of external stability of a wall using program Slope Stability
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