Geo 5 Software ( 65.00 Bytes )
Analytical Solutions GEO5 analytical programs solve common geotechnical problems such as the analysis of sheeting structures and foundations, slope stability, terrain models and earth grading, etc. The programs are based on generally known and widely accepted theories enhanced in some cases by nite element techniques. For clarity and ease-of-use, each program solves one dened task but is part of an integrated suite – for example the clipboard may be used to transfer data from one program to another. The basic program features include: • User-friendly application environment • Comprehensive graphical outputs • Integrated contextual help • Metric and imperial units • Built-in database of soil characteristics • General denition of all design coefcients
FEM - Water Flow – Analysis of steady state water flow in mass body

Module Water flow extends the program FEM*. The module serves to perform steady state analysis of water flowing t...